anggun – lie to me şarkı sözleri

underneath the sky
all i see is blue
the clouds inside my eyes
only caused by you

for what we used to be
the bound we just undo
before i set you free
i just need you too

lie to me
i shall believe
lie to me
i need to hear
that you were wrong
that you regret
i shall believe
lie to me

that i swept off your feet
and love will start anew
words i want to keep
though i know it’s not true

just say i was the one
there’s nothing like we’re two
but strangers we’ll become
before we are throught

lie to me
and i shall believe
lie to me
there’re words i’ve longed
to hear
lie to me
and i’ll agree
lie to me
swear i believe

# anggun şarkı sözleri