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kool savas – hate şarkı sözleri

see there’s no comparison to the way that people are acting like demon
that’s why i’m steaming, all you whack
got you trapped in your b*tch mission
and i can’t say f*ck my place (f*ck it)
cause i got better delay in other lands
as i’m just p*ssing seasons i’m covering up [week?]
personalities and get the knowledge
that talk [?]
the whole action is shady
you remind me of ladies
you don’t have the d*ck to be true
n*body is addicted to you
souls get lost on their faulty way to success
i keep my tissue in my ear
not to hear you talking to the best
i’ll take the sh*t to your chest
without the use of metaphors or forced intelligence
[?] easy
cause i make my decision
n*body is gonna destroy my vision
of what it means to be living as a dope person
see me [?]
when it comes to fake me
i’m so [?]
you suck at [surfin‘?]
that’s why i hate you!

realise that you’re [?] of the nonsense

see, h*lla people be acting like the devil himself
so i had to steaming on this track (for real)
no man, i mean i realised that y’all on a b*tch *ss mission
and no matter where i’m from
i make bad experience somewhere else (h*ll yeah)
and as i’m p*ssing through my life time at super sonic speed
i can see that [?]
their souls lost
always in my ear, they’d be the boss
you’re not, that sh*t is kinda fake
so i’mma take it straight to ya face
i don’t act like [no profit?] or something (oh h*ll nah)
so if you keep stepping to me
keep talking trash
you must get of my [?] (get off it)
cause i don’t trip

# kool savas şarkı sözleri