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aim 4 grey – scarlet şarkı sözleri

love is like a paradox my heart yearns to bleed
and bitterly i spit it out before it ruined me
cause my soul’s that of a raven i am miserable and dazed
so i found myself a gateway drug and got myself baked

my sadness is infectious, mesmerizingly numb
still her dark eyes keep reminding me of better days to come
i can’t hide from these feelings cause she knows they are there
so i found comfort in the rain because it mirrors my despair

she plays gs like harp strings, just an angel misread
she says love was all she wanted but her boy’s mind was twisted
(ooh) i hid all of our memories in the depths of her heart
so if she gave love a second chance she’d know where they are.
keep your stupid little fingers crossed
stupid little fingers crossed
stupid little fingers crossed, scarlet!

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