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anggun – eden şarkı sözleri

the rain sings like a lullaby
its sound keeps all of my dreams awake
here under the jupiter’s sky
my thoughts wander to the morning light breaks

i’m a stranger to this man in the eve
but my will goes on stronger than a day
i’m looking for some place where i can try
to spread my wings and learn to fly

it’s in my heartbeat
it’s in each step for my feet
it’s in my soul where my eden lives

the rain washes through the all of years
while innocent rush in, i have
time beats up for every fear
we hide, we run, we pretend

i’m a stranger to this truth we share
cos my dreams go on stronger than this pain
i’m searching for some place
where i can find the true love
a piece for mine

# anggun şarkı sözleri