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blitzo.glyphics – ever since şarkı sözleri

ever since i felt my first pain
i had the nerve to gain and swerve into the fast lane
every pint of my blood, stuffed into my last vein
leaking out from under my nails
i’m a changed man, but still the same
crashing on the highway, control i cannot maintain
hack into my mainframe if you aim to see whats deranged
they never say i’m insane
but have you ever played with what’s untamed
these guts of cellophane keeping me fresh
much deeper than flesh, the reefer is meshed
with fear of the deadly
my spirit is heavy with burden aplenty
it’s curtains for many, i’m sure as pennies have cents
i’m past tense
the future is explosive molten
potent oceans of life, but broken and spliced
cloaked in dope, a token of blight
floating in flight, croaking tonight
but i woke with hope despite
there’s no reason for a little bit
cause the days are dark, the nights are pitch
my sight’s been split with a knife, a switch
i like this b-tch, but life’s simply that
please believe me
i’m reason i’m breathing is to tell you that
the dark matters
these dark matters matter

# blitzo glyphics şarkı sözleri