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blitzo.glyphics – the order şarkı sözleri

decapitate, that’s the only way that i see
no reason for comp-ssion or the high street
speed at a pace past a growing rate nicely
no reason for inaction or a nice sleep
wishing for a world every candle burns brightly?
no reason for that cr-ppy little trite dream
nanothermite, and a brand new third reich
a misnformation war now, man up for a fight
this is death at your doorstep, green at your feet
fretting in your corset? queasy? retreat
get the h-ll up off the p-rn set and preach to the beat
if we freeze or concede, then we cease to be free
this is bleezy, its me, and i’m breathing this piece
get the guillotines ready, plenty bleeding to see

nanotech bombs, a global hawk plot
a brave new world with a total downlock
the order is the plan, and a choke’ll not stop them
got to get a blade, so the throat’ll get chopped and
then we’ll stop them

# blitzo glyphics şarkı sözleri