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bugzy malone – facing time şarkı sözleri

see, right now, i’m facing time
and i don’t know how long
it could be four years, ten years
could be life
watch this

[verse 1]
last time i had a schedule
it said maths and geography
last time i felt embarr-ssed
i was stood in the dock and my mum couldn’t look at me
last time i seen my dad
he was asking me if i’m gonna do this properly
now they call me an mc
master of ceremonies
but time is the master
because time will turn all this to a memory
and i don’t think i’m built for the industry
all the fake smiles and laughter
make me want to turn into a mystery
cause i know what people are after
critics and journalists trying to get to me
i preferred being a grafter
you know, living under the radar
with nothing but drugs and money to look after
but now i’ve gotta see television as a factor
i’ve got responsibilities
everybody wants something
but they come wearing a mask
cause they’re never gonna ask ya
even a friend can turn to an actor
they act like they’re happy you made it
but feel like they deserve your wages
and at that point it’s the end of the chapter
i’m losing friends and gaining enemies
in fact more to the point
i’m losing patience with negative energies
i had to change my number
because conversations were lacking in relevance
i wanna be top of the food chain this year
i don’t want a war with the elephants
i don’t wanna go back to claiming benefits

i used to love money, but i don’t no more
i got money that i don’t count no more
i’ll listen out for the trial no more
we don’t have to be down no more
but i’m facing time
i’m famous now
so i’m facing time
they wanna know what i mean by facing time
if i could turn back the hands of time
i’d go back to when i had freedom
but now i’m facing time

[verse 2]
first time i’ve felt secure in all twenty five years
first time i’ve felt like i don’t need people to deal with fears
first time i told my dad i loved him
i was being sincere
but family’s a word
and words just don’t mean nothing out here
i brought exposure to my city
and i don’t care
by those who feel like it should be them
and it’s not fair
bring me one other person that could’ve climbed these stairs
i know they don’t want me to succeed
but i’ve been saying my prayers
they wanna know what i mean by facing time
they wanna know runs through the mind of a famous guy
they think fame means plenty of money
and a glamorous life
but fame is a jail
and not everyone here will survive
i’m new to the wing
new to the guards
new to the vibe
for the things i’ve done
i’m facing life
where else could i go?
i don’t blend outside
looks like i’ll just have to do my time


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