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bugzy malone – fire in the booth part 2 şarkı sözleri

[verse: 1]
me, i just got one question, who’s doing it better?
i have to write to the judge through a letter
because a victim told that i sick vendetta
because his lips needed st-tches
a priest sent in some report
and i’m famous now, there’s no bending the law
so i could get community service
and worst case, i could get back behind the door
back to jail, and it’s mad
because i can still remember the smell
the atmosphere, and the lightning
the way that your mind would get carried away in a cell
the silence speaks louder than the bell
that’s been ringing for the past 15 minutes
and we don’t know if the kid’s hurting himself
‘cos the officers don’t care
they never asked how did he get here
he never had a dad, mom tried the best
but that didn’t matter because the rent was so dear
that she couldn’t become sober
so she drank spirits and not beer
i’m talking about legless drunk
then his stepdad hit him with a wreckless punch
and his mum turned her back
and that’s when the care inside the kid was done
i’m talking about me, get it?
being a rolemodel taking his toes but i got this
i was only 12 years old when i got here
really i hope my stepdad’ll watch this
because i was only a kid
and i loved it more than anybody else
but he f-cked it
how can you beat up somebody’s mom and just want him []
[] that don’t even want justice
my little sister, yeah that’s his daughter
between me and her is a little bit awkward
because i remember when she said she hit my mum at night
just to cover her father
i could forgive, but i can’t forget
no hard feelings have been hard
but as long as you do well, nothing else matters
considering where we started
considering this time last year i was stood here
talking about bury new road
i had drug money
but i didn’t know about getting money from touring
and that’s why i gotta thank charlie
because he showed me the ropes
and then left me to stand under my own two feet
like christopher reeve before his spinal stopped working
and now [] done evolution like darwin
the minute 2016 kicked in, i stopped drinking
i don’t wanna do parties
i hear my mans say these []
so when i see him i’ll hurt him
he’s not fame when you tossing and turning
and watch money when your money..
..can’t stop money from hurting
and the row’s not dead, because the minutes still bursting
an id means to see him in person
[] was working and now the witnesses are uncertain
i believe in god, i don’t trust a religion
i don’t get how mary can be a virgin
still i just got one question, somebody tell me
who’s doing it better?
who got these mcs dissing each other?
the brand new ep is out now
now i went i took a mugshot and used it as the front cover
somebody twisted it up and created a story
to make me look like a robber
i thought i’d sit back and watch the commotion
and that’s why i didn’t say nothing on twitter
i’m out

[verse 2:]
it’s been a year and i see things clear
now i been training and i don’t feel no fear
now they ask if i’m living down hear
i tell them “no” i still get about manny in my []
i told them to walk with me the whole tour
so that []
still got to the girl’s house
and i know man with ring was all ready to burn her
i hope i don’t need them
this year i don’t wanna risk my freedom
because i know that i got shows in sweden
and i’ve been booked all over festival seasons
i got parklife, then i got wireless, then i got glastonbury
man tried it with me last year and got fed to the tigers
0161 spreading like a virus
2016 has got them [] like a bmx biker
not everybody’s gonna like it
so they’ll bring an article out just to try and []
they said i went running in a jewelers
they think i’m stupid?
i got music videos, looking like movies
looking at one of the best to ever do this
why would i start chasing guys?
for a couple of watches with ice
so i sat watching haters celebrating
bugzy malone “facing time”
but that’s the ep
and the same people sharing the artwork daily
you can’t see me on cctv
badding off now i got clothes in jd
it’s nothing friendly this year
me, i’m trying to save for a bentley this year
so i started my own label, it all got on records
and i [] payment this year
more time man are gonna hate me this year
but the same man are gonna rate me this year
because i created a blueprint from out of town
to show what it takes to get here
i don’t do blaze and i don’t like drinking
i spend 24 hours in a days thinking
i watched all the big guys shrinking
and the bugzy malone business line keeps ringing
it’s like i got a 3310 with links in
bare new lyrics and flows
it’s like i’m sat there banging up hoes
and the haze is stinking, the line is …
put it this way, when i see []
man are gonna have to do a lot of explaining
i’m one of the best, i got the game changing
ask them man who made it started raining
who made the grime scene entertaining
i don’t know, i’m just saying
i disappeared for a week, and man thought it was peak
and put out a tune, well i call this the david blaine
why? because the ep bangs and them man know it
i put money on the map last year
and the 01 to the 61 started growing
them man are chameleons
and right now their two colours have started showing
they want me out of the game, i’m not going
tell them go write me another poem
i’m bugzy malone, augh, i know [] want me to loud them
why? because i got an email in my inbox
asking me if i wanna do joint alb-m
but i thought my man thought i was a d-ckhead
and i never would’ve been nothing without him
people lie, numbers don’t
right now the numbers got them counting
/words mean nothing if you don’t well
you’re not popping if your sh-t don’t sell
you promoted my new ep too
“congratulations you played yourself”
“congratulations you played yourself”
“congratulations you played yourself”
mad ting, i’m like batman to my whole town
it’s mad, i bought a brand new rs3
because it’s small and fast
took it to the body shop, told them i need it all in black
first day i drove it, a van pulled out on me and we just crashed
i was sat there, surrounded by smoke & air bags
i jumped out and the van was flipped with its window smashed
the car was alright so i just kept it moving rags
because i had a photoshoot, it’s a plain demand
watch the collab but, watch this
road is road, and lyrical beef is lyrical beef
and they made an article to make me look like a thief
and got my songs taken off itunes
see, me, i won’t sleep
until i find out which mc has tried sabotaging me
and i’m out

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