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chase oneiroi – roses şarkı sözleri

[verse 1: chase oneiroi]

writing sh-t with pen and paper
we out to date like lighters, it’s vapor yeah
imma be stacking them papers
up on the stage it’s giovanni
chasing my dreams like lucid dreaming
on a thread mill
yeah but we eating that bread and ched still
thread mills franklin sue and st-tch
f-ck that lil latina b-tch
listening to mac and vibing
staying up late and writing
fighting the light and
reciting real rap
i keep copping cap
my speech spot spatch
but let’s get off that
matte black lips, matte black kicks
tryna be pushing them matte black whips
roll with them
in my backpack
chronic, crack , ironic raps , thinking bout demonic tatts
run it back cause them say i’m a demon
that’s why my beats steaming
and i go vegan on the track
that’s why i hold my meat like every time i rap
booming beats in my bedroom before i get ready for school
just to get medi’s and drool
spit when i smoke cause it’s kool
boy uzza fool
got you all on the news
[hook: chase oneiroi]
when i roll up on a n-gg- fast
body bags for your soul
body bags for your -ss, x3
when i roll up on a n-gg- fast

[verse 2: chase oneiroi]
i get it a kiss on my forehead for a boost
for me to get my sh-t together sipping on the juice
i’m so tired of this f-cking mental noose
even if i gotta bust ya -ss
it’s time to break us loose
it’s so hard to get a whole of our use
but i know we gonna ball
that’s why i gotta spit the truth
imma be mahatma and the king will be the youth
when everybody get the proof just tell me what you gonna do

[verse 3: giovanni odtriiill]
i been smoking my trees
stop acting shady
i been overtime
puffing on divine
rolling till i’m blind
hear my f-cking lines
don’t you snort it tho
don’t you start sh-t bro
in my starship no
i been off the sh-ts
and i’m too legit
f-ck ya foolishness
and i’m cool wit it
odtriiill spilling skill
whats the deal
i been missing meals
hungry on the mic
i’ll fight but i’m to polite
mother f-ck police
pull up in a jeep
my n-gg-s wimme
body tall but my pockets skinny
know that you int f-cking wimme
i been really
n-gg- really yh
1 time fa my home boys
foes making the most noise
mad now i’m employed
full squad i deploy
see g now oh boy
drive round that rose royce
all that from my voice
dad said i had one choice
i chose to unfold
fam said bro f-ck foes
dig deep find sum hope
found gold mines
but i don’t boast
lemme kill actually
these rappers that after me
coming after me
imma masterpiece
mona lisa please
ignite trees
never wanna invite me
now you know i’m entirely
above all you i see
from my birds eye view
all these haters watch
my eyes on the clock
ain’t no going back
that’s a god d-mn fact
just cut to the chase
blowing roses in your face

[hook: giovanni odtriiill & chase oneiroi]
when i roll up on a n-gg- fast
body bags for your soul
body bags for your -ss, x3

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