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ea$e – my scorpio ways şarkı sözleri

you think i’m dropping you off ,
because i picked yo -ss up ,

but this is playa pimpin baby
i just wanted a nut ,
i kept it real from the jump ,
so girl don’t put up no front .

i’m subtracting all the bullsh-t
plus i don’t give a f-ck

this ain’t nothing new
you can go pack up yah stuff ,

betta call an uber to maneuver .
i can’t be late for work

i said b-tch.
i ain’t payin for yo lyft .
betta get up off my d-ck ,
with that shiesty -ss sh-t

she a vvs shorty .
want the number to my pin ?

i feel flava flav
with a gold diggin b-tch .

half way
half way ,
can you meet me half way ,

i c-m early when nervous ,
i wash it out with detergent ,
i see the fake start emerging ,
she think she bad cause she curvy .
to get f-cked is her purpose ,
she got me f-cked up for certain ,

i drank a 4 in the morning
it help to get me to going .

i know that y’all dont remember
them cold days in november .

i cop a shorty for the winter ,
cause it’s cold i won’t shiver ,

i keep on sippin on liquor
although it’s killing my liver .

i know that ignorance blissful ,
and it don’t help with my temper

its almost like i like this pain
i ignite this flame
ima tad bit strange
got a bad b-tch tamed

its crazy when i say
what i really wanna say

but these people never say
what they really wanna say

thats the problem with the worlds
we don’t communicate

now my daddy f-ckin dying
no more of this f-cking crying

got man up
get my hands up

mother f-ckers tryna jugg me
don’t you take me for no p-ssy
you p-ssy i see you eating her p-ssy you must be desperate

she used to fire up the cigarettes
and tell me that i been a wreck
i tell her that she venomous
because her is love is venomous
know her too d-mn well i can almost finish
her sentences
pull up to her crib her pops like oh no its him again

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