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e’lii kif – paste şarkı sözleri

vala lomlomo my ninja, if you don’t wana meet up with god
f-ck your opinion, i’mma drug, the only lips i love between her thighs
buddy-buddy-buddy talk, i ain’t really in to that
i wish i could tell you time flies on an air plane
so know the time and place, and stop forcing sh-t in my mind
have you been ever raised up by the meek, man i’ve been seeing sh-t since i was a little kid
tryna understand, why my people so weak
i know its plan that my god won’t speak
finna pitch on peach beats, with long complicatin’ song
ditch me now, coz they’ll be no close call
on a high that i don’t know, focus hard till i see growth
heard that your favorite rappers play football
but not a day goes by where i take a day off
it’s either you see my vision or f-ck off, go wander off to your sacred turf
nitpicking’ my favorite words, you got nothin’ on me
i’m free to ghost, i’m sipping on another taurine can
f-ck it

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