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exhumed – enucleation şarkı sözleri

[musick – matt harvey; lyrixxx – ross sewage, 1996]

fastened down and secured to the operating table, with scalpels and cutlery i
will work upon your aesthetics, a most afflictive process you are made to
endure, without the solacing service of a general anasthetic… forcibly
penetrating the palpebra, i gouge and cut into the ciliary body, severing the
nerve, your eye is knocked from its orbit, as you can plainly see…
dissatisfied with your over all being, i formulate a plan of operation, a
large incision into the abdomen is made, to perform general enucleation… i
give you an apendectomy, removing organs unnecessary, a spare kidney is
excised, in pain you writhe… (chorus) i slice the renal artery,
gastro-intestinal-otomy, digestive tract dislocation, subjected to
enucleation… with monocular vision you can now regard, the const-tuents of
your gut i have displaced, depurating the sh-ll, your thorax beautifully
carved, your abdomen now a barren landscape… fracturing the rib cage with a
raspatory, as your gullet is gorged with sanguineous muco-sputter, not yet
complete curtailing your anatomy, i delve to the heart of the matter…
exhuming your entrails, discarded organs grow stale, severing the ventricle,
your heart i cull… chorus…

# exhumed şarkı sözleri