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freestyle fellowship – 120 seconds şarkı sözleri

i blaze this energizer let’s see you pull this one…
happy earth day to we
i just turned a hundred and seventy five million
two hundred and seventy three
straight tweaked with a godly type mystique
? spock, nanou nanou?
abort, distortion report on which sort
a quick court, support, cut short
time warp, interplanetary movement
i’ll say foul play, hey!
which way does w-lly wonka stay?
we came to see the chocolate sway
happy birthday to me, to me
hip hip hooray to me, to me
synthetic or prototype
xerox and medical mocks to breakthrough
shocks and shakes you
through lyrical masochism
and as i blast the last to give ’em
dissect, insect, inflict, whoa
destination one-two-oh
‘one hundred and twenty seconds until you die’
when i die, bury me under the gravel
travel fifty feet down, step out and pack me in
i admonished, i won’t be back again
now i’m a ent-ty, ex-humanity within
earthly vanities, sunshine and the wind
i suppose, ambrose’ll rose your soul
to give you immortality and infinity skin
but you’re immortal close, you froze
now your taken in a free fall in the end
every draft, breeze, trickle of water, a sound wave
in your perimeter is similar
and behaves as a test to manifest life forms
it forms a warm blunted
heavily budded individual
i am invisible so is it impossible to cry?
nope, soak my pillow case
i wrote a little taste
i’m hopin’ the middle breaks the lies
my objective remains at one with the stainless steel object
fragrence of various agents
and chemical compounds compounded
a bouquet, a readily picked array
of dandelions, roses, pointset-i-as
gold marigolds in a vase that’s p-ssed to monks
and kindred, intended, descended
and suspended in mid-air
match amended and i ended on a bad note
put salt in the open wound and i wrote!

# freestyle fellowship şarkı sözleri