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freestyle fellowship – heat mizer şarkı sözleri

what you gonna do with that b-ss?
what you gonna do with that b-ss?
what you gonna do with that b-ss?

well, i-za, heat mizer, and i’m wiser
than any other rapper no matter the size of
girl or guys-a, they all dies-a
i ship ’em up and take ’em up to?
third floor, hospital ward
doctor, his spinal cord’s torn
his final words roared-
‘i don’t want no more, i don’t want no more, lord, life’
infrared chipper, one for the gipper
dead like a door kn-b, killed in a slipper
while rolling in my rollerblades, fell and broke my shoulder blade
laid and i prayed
then i grabbed a razorblade stayed and i played
then i broke a mental barricade
don’t you hate it when your ice pick sticks right in the skull
and you gotta pull it out with two hands?
don’t you hate it when your chainsaw’s on the gasoline
and you gotta use a butcher’s knife on a man?
yucky, yucky, yes, yes
huckleberry, wet flesh
there’s a couple necking in the by the trees
could they be the prince and the princess?
getting undressed, having s-x in the moonlight- freeze

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