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gnarkill – dicks and buttkisses! şarkı sözleri

d-cks, and b-tts, will kiss d-cks b-tts kiss
d-cks and b-tts will kiss
this is an event you wont want to miss
it’s a break for christmas
p-ss me off and you’re not on my list
this b-tch was screaming so loud
rake said p-ss-es not allowed
only dill only d-ck only seasoning on my brick
so you marinade your mouth with my c-ck
sou scream but i will not stop
like superman flying!
crying! you won’t stop
you scream till your -ss’s cherry goes pop
doesn’t it feel good? to know i’m comin over?
spreading vhs’s like don d-ck rover
you’re lucky, yeah like a four leaf clover
you gotta cover? yeah!
bend over and i’ll pull it over
let’s get close, let’s find out what love, is made of
what a d-cks works
come to keep f–king going
screaming, dreaming, feeding for a delicious batch of s-m-n
baby batter splatter on my f–king wall
you can dance around and scream that everybody down the hall
but when the bell rings you will get a late detention from your cl-ss
so you can get rake yohn and bend him over f–k him in the -ss
pop that cherry very good very fine let me drip some on your b–bs
let me have a gl-ss of wine ooh yeah
what time is it now? whose a cow?
rake yohn stick in his boyfriend, ow

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