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havoc mass – into nothingness şarkı sözleri

incineration – the unholy flame
will be unleashed upon the world
cities burned to ashes. bodies turning into dust
no one can see, soon we will be

blown away. ripped away, swept away. into nothingness…

so many times, it’s happened before
to so many lives and so many worlds
numbers en m-sse commit suicide
do we approach the end of the line? we are…

a blast from h-ll one thousand times more intense that our sun
ripping flesh from bodies, then boiling the blood
morbid way to end things, existence is denied
one way to die – death from the sky
this mindless act of man may be his last

populus deletus – few are left alive
songs of sorrow being chanted

now that the end has arrived – no more warfare
now we die in solitude
as the world is…

# havoc mass şarkı sözleri