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hormonauts – lucky toy şarkı sözleri

twenty-hole, laced-up, steel-toed boots,
can’t feel the clutch or the gas underfoot,
stereo’s blarin’ out oi polloi,
and i’m her lucky toy.

steamin’ down the road in sh-tty little car,
swiggin’ from a bottle that we stole from a bar,
little punk lady, i’m your old rockin’ boy,
and such a lucky toy.


lucky toy!
oo hoo hoo!
lucky toy!
oo hoo hoo!

she makes her own clothes and cuts her own hair,
her big brow eyes make everybody stare,
she wants me and i’m hers to enjoy,
i’m such a lucky toy

a kind of teddy bear,
she takes me everywhere,
she oh-so good to me,
and that’s just fine you see,
it’s what i need right now,
and h-ll, anyhow,
when those lights go low,
it’s ready teddy go!

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