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jc assassin – no stoppin’ şarkı sözleri

[coming soon]

young savage, got my sh-t wrapped, got my b-tch strapped
got my whip all whiplash, call it witchcraft
got that this-that, hope you know she suck my kidnap
get that, f-ck around, you n-gg-s stuck in gift wrap
from the trap, n-gg-s wanna rap, but they ain’t got no tracks
they ain’t got no stacks, life tax, i see n-gg-s collapse
a carbon there, cutting n-gg-s off like they in a barber chair
when my roster there, take these babies into foster care
spend again, oh, you balling? b-tch, you on the bench again
get bent again, made a testament about the benjamin’s
and y’all skeletons, sick off of these hoes, need medicine
adrenaline, money on me, no fake sh-t, this genuine
no flocking, got the flocka squad, i’m a chopper god
never stopping, no stopping, dawg, body dropping, dawg

# jc assassin şarkı sözleri