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juicy j – niggaz violate şarkı sözleri

n-gg-z violate i let them [?] with it
i got the magazines and you can get your issue
you can get your hand shut and i ain’t talking [?]
six feet deep your family gonna miss you

they are coming to your sh-t this is serious
you must be thinking juicy j ain’t that n-gg-r [?]
i will pay you n-gg-r 20 [?] to keep your [?]
anybody wanna see you dead they know they are pitching in
all i know is the [?] in your heart i keep a [?]
all my guys all my killer team can be your best friend
you missed a kid, n-gg-r i don’t give a sh-t
blown if they catch your [?]


they are coming by your clock let them chop a shot
n-gg-r should know ain’t no good about the world [?]
n-gg-r should have known act a fool will blow your -ss up
n-gg-r should have known i got some glue to take that lights off
walk upon your room to get a [?] to cut your head off
you don’t even wanna know the gun that cut your [?] off
want it to your face they’re gonna take the [?] off
don’t you try to run they’ll pull your gun it’s gonna be real [?]


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