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juicy j – shootin şarkı sözleri

i’m shootin up sh-t like a dope fiend
put a hole in your head like a dolphin
i’m puttin holes in one no golfin’
leave his -ss dead, where the coffin.

[juicy j:]

n-gg-s out here aint real
these n-gg-s aint tote no straps
these n-gg-s aint got no work
they just sound good in they raps
they watchin too many movies
claim he movin them thangs
took that n-gg- in the jail cell
he givin up names

rappin about he in the trap
actin like he got the sack
livin at his momma’s house
scr-pe it up by nickleback
baby aint got no diapers
his baby aint got no food
this n-gg- aint got no car
but he stand in line for shoes
now he think he bulletproof
out here robbin real n-gg-s
everybody aint goin homie
real n-gg-s gonna deal with ya
n-gg- out here lookin for me
he disapear for about a month
he popped up bout a week ago
layin dead, his momma drunk.

[wiz khalifa:]
i got so many ice its like im playin hockey
smoke so much green n-gg- somebody stop me
we in the penthouse, you smell it from the lobby
this ballins all i know my n-gg- its not a hobby
ridin in my ride reppin mafia
never had a chopper juicy bought me one
seen n-gg-s with money went and got me some
n-gg- see my swag now they copy ‘em
n-gg- im ballin smokin half pound a day
smoke the other in the mornin
n-gg- im paid got alot of goons
n-gg- im straight, we reppin our game.

shootin on site n-gg- try me if you wanna
click click bang bang
n-gg- you a gonna
bullet dont hit ya it’ll put you in a coma
loud mouth n-gg-s
now you a doner
whole pint of purp and a lot of marijuana
chrome’d out 38 hot like the summer
walk up on you whiskey maskin punk
and fire them shots just like im donald trump
big -ss pistol got me walkin and im limpin
fvck you and f-ck your clique
anybody can get it
dont do all that talkin
n-gg- lets shoot to the finish
they wont find your body
and i wont leave a witness

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