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juicy j – stoner’s night part 2 şarkı sözleri

hole up man, hole up man
juicy jane from tiller game
rollin fed em rollin fame
lie up at holla drink
hit the club blowin things
say you it’s by number eight
money make… roll that cully green in the zig zag paper
smoking on the bad boy… the d-mn neighbors
looking for… just wanna have fun
let her hit the joint and put the… on the tongue
inhale exhale go to jail i’m post to dream my noil…
so much green i’m gonna sail
… the deal and it give me nothgin
but the stoners night for real

3 x hook:
she roll the wee she don’t even smoke, even smoke
she roll the wee she don’t even smoke, even smoke

young wiz people call em young wiz
roll up 20 zig zag… one sip
n-gg- smoke sag over blunch better blunt smokers smell what’s in my bag
he don’t wanna hear since a young n-gg- i was… ridin in my black… 36
serving no six n-gg- no… used to eb the world rolling wee from my hoe clip
now about wee… some grow sh-t
when i say… i’m talking bout some man who grows in
look at my ring look how i frozen
i’m smoking good and hear some… everybody knows it

[3 x hook:]

i’m ridin with my top back my b-tch drunk i’m smoking wee
i don’t know if they for real but she got double d
head me two cuffs you got a double d
i don’t put it on if they double g
i’m bout to transform take a homie and give a d
trippin trippin mane i’m a special…
if i let to hit the… then you a special g
keep in the joint i’ve been saving up
i’m bout to buy jet i’ve been saving up
all the money i’ve been touching i’ve been paper cut
ever since i put the blunt down i’ve been papered up

[3 x hook:]

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