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juicy j – tryna fuck şarkı sözleri

[hook: ty dolla $ign]
all this weed in my system ain’t helpin’ (ain’t helpin’)
and this drank got you lookin’ so good (so good)
i got some mollys in my hand, i might take one (take one)
and after i finish what’s in my cup
you know i’m tryna love you
all these drugs make me wanna love you
okay, okay, okay

[verse 1: juicy j]
i just wanna shoot a movie with a chick from out the movies
with a big old ghetto booty that know how to roll a doobie
i just wanna hit the club, throw some money on the stage
i just wanna tip a stripper more dough than she ever made
more dough than she ever seen, now she see me in her dreams
all that -ss, shawty bust it, how she stuff it in her jeans
must run in her genes, i just wanna meet her momma
i just wanna smoke my presidential juicy j obama
juicy j that og, i been ballin’ this whole week
stuntin’ 20 years plus, i can do this in my sleep
i just wanna fall in onyx with a fine georgia peach
got that rocket in my pocket, that’s that beauty and the beast


[verse 2: drake]
legendary, love you so much it’s unnecessary
like it’s always two weeks into february
you can take that sh-t to the cemetery, til we’re dead and buried
but girl god forbid i feel too alive
around you i got too much pride
do we let it breathe or put a t-tle on it?
i’m so indecisive, i’ll let you decide
she like nah seem like your chakra’s off
i’m like nah it’s just that your top is off
and i started out wantin’ to talk to you
and all i can think about is poppin’ off
girl you’re all that matters
you in bra and panties, that’s all that matters
you straddled me, i started fallin’ backwards
don’t worry about the phone you can call them after
bout to take ya down


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