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kyle bent – new aquarian age şarkı sözleri

1 verse : im welcoming you to the new aquarian age
where angriness fades
and we see better days for the people in pain
where we banish the annunaki and these evil ole’ greys
im just saying we stay with pleadians and plead for
their aid
or you can call on the name cause jesus died and got
raise the awareness of the careless like a sail on a
so they know that our soul holds codes no zip
dont resent what is fate
for these are the last days
i hope america sees the errors of their ways
they would never believe the price we have to pay for
their hypocrisies
offer up human souls in exchange for technology
from planets thats beyond your dreams
they planned it man, its all a scheme
but dang it man, just let us live, just let us breathe
im tryna bring liberty to the music industry
i just cut you off like red ribbons if you aint feeling
im done being a villain, im the hero for the century
if you dont know me, dont you mention me
you aint my homie, you an enemy
uh okay alright

verse 2 : the people being lied to
and i aint no politician but anti americanism is
listen to whats inside you
if you dont agree with the system like you swallowed
stail quiznos
you dont need to be a prisoners
painting a perfect picture
gon’ frame it up in a prism
imma be that mighty mister and your sister knows the
christian, but lord knows i dont care much about
not cause im a sinner but because it puts us in
all about my times table
imma give you a minute
so you realize my vision aint tinted
all we need is a leader
you can follow me on twitter
tryna be legendary watch me recreate the thriller
meeting your expectations aint my mission
aint your puppet, imma spit my bars distinctive
bring these secrets to the public
and i promise imma kill it and ill never break that
haters tripping cause they know im finna blow
all or nothing
imma go pro
and i did it on my own
i dont owe you nothing
what then

bridge : do you hear my soul cry
listen to my inner-being
you cant dry those eyes
im just tryna be more than the usual
give some people the chance and theyll use you well
so welcome to paradise
where the sun shines bright like every night
no guns, no fights
no wrongs or rights
we were meant to live high
no bongs or pipes

3 verse : regardless
im blowing spice like a balloon
got me feeling like i just entered into a cartoon
looking at myself in a retrospectacular view
makes me remember that nothing in this reality’s true
they call it conspiracy theory i call it the truth
just another name for everything thats hidden from you
but if you knew
madness in this world would probably break loose
religion and politicians careers would go poof
we’d draw our on conclusions
and trust our own gut
when the governments intruding
we wouldnt give a

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