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lawnmower deth – anyone for tinnies şarkı sözleri

order bell, before i roam i feel my mouth
begin to foam, it’s not too late to get some tins seal my fate, i need to quench
my raging thirst there’s plenty more cash in
my purse i say bartender, re-open the bar straight away i believe a lock-in is
order of the day, any one for lock-ins i don’t
see why landlords got the buff lock-ins are great i was perfectly chuffed i was
perfectly chuffed, why is be wielding that
hat the one of the baseball variety this puts pay to my play the twist of my
sobriety, well that did nothing for my nerves
what a terrible fright i’ll go and find a liquor store in the dead of the night
anyone for tinnies there’s ducks in my mouth
an alcoholic drought my nerves are in tatters inebriation is all that matters,
what is the problem with the world all i want
is to have a drink pour that brew right down my neck i don’t ask much i don’t
think, so off we go, back to my place open my
fridge and peer within on comes the light, look round the lettuce my fridge is
full, it’s tinnies heaven, grab a four pack
and a few tins more on with the telly, slump on the floor the hitman and her i
thankfully missed who gives a sod, i’m totally

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