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lord of the rings musical – star of eärendil şarkı sözleri

star of eärendil, look down, hear our cry
ever shining, perfect light, emblazon the sky
heed us as to thee we sing
enlighten us in the hope you bring
guide our way and aid us from on high

[arwen & elves]
a ned lú rasc-dae
i maeglin gorn lin tól
i ecthel hén lin síla
orthor i vór
hammo men mi lin caun
a caro estel vín thand
a tiro men, o lin cair an nór
lacho ammen, lacho calad
eärendil-naur, ir men
beri-al ned lú beleg baur!

o eärendil
guide us on our way
keep our hearts true
o eärendil
heed us as we call to you
o eärendil

lead us ever onward
our weary hope sustaining
now strengthen our endeavour
our purpose unite
clothe us in your courage
your hope become our armour
your wisdom be our banner of light

elbereth gilthoniel, look down
hear our cry
may the stars that you once kindled ever
burnish the sky
shining ever bright
your hope and your healing light
guide our way and aid us from on high
o elbereth
hear our cry!

wandering the empty road
in twilight’s silver shade
following the hidden paths
alone and unafraid
let the sunlight free the heart
forever bound to roam
and let the waking morning find
the weary traveller returning home

# lord of the rings musical şarkı sözleri