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lupe fiasco – rap review of 4:44 şarkı sözleri

alb-m dropped when i was overseas, data plans & coverage limitations wouldn’t allow a decent listen, usually like to oversee when i be whippin, back from china on a american, long story i’ll take you back there again, for now let’s just focus on the pair of twins times 3, the 13th jigga, had to make the review rhyme this time for you n-gg-s, sh-t takes me back like royal slippers, with sublime glimpses of that old spitter, baseline bully, he wouldn’t freestyle a whole alb-m would he?, leave the speculation to the bookies, push me back to when we was rookies, chip off the old roc, presenting my cookies to the cutter, the alb-m is better than yours motherf-ckers, hence why i peruse swift, and curse all ya gifts, smile is the sh-t, 4:44 too personal for my opinion, but makes me wanna go up and apologize to random women, blame jay, the vibe checkered but dirty beats make it hard to sneak past the first 5 records, looped up the jewels viewing the clarity during a layover, right now awesome, give you the rest when i get to boston…

# lupe fiasco şarkı sözleri