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miyavi – komoriuta ken ravusongu (english) şarkı sözleri

for example, if you had a really scary dream, and if you woke up

you’d be sleeping with your mom and dad in the shape of the character for “river”.
1 get it? like that.

i wonder what you’re doing now?
i wonder if you’re relaxed?
are you on your side watching tv?

(hard to understand?)

ok i’ll change the example, it’s a very cold winter’s night, and you don’t even have a coat

but actually, you’re wearing 2 undershirts. how’s that? easy to understand?

i wonder if you got my e-mail?
i wonder if you’re reading it about now?
or perhaps, you’re writing a response already?

(you still don’t understand?)

the last one, now. a big strong boss appeared.

just as you suspected

well he bosses you around, but he’s cleverly saving you.
hey, you got it now?

i wonder if you’re still awake?
i wonder if you asleep already?
i wonder if your futon is neatly, neatly on your bed?
what kind of dreams are you dreaming?

are you tossing and turning in your sleep?

will you be able to wake up okay alone tomorrow?

for you have a good night, i sing a lullabye

# miyavi şarkı sözleri