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new era – get use to it şarkı sözleri

i toot my sh-t get used to it b-tch get used to it b-tch get used to it b-tch [x4]

you don’t wanna toot yours well b-tch i’m a toot mines
call yo n-gg- a2 cuhz he ate it 2 times
speaking of an a2 yeah i love my hbz and
i’m making money is he like an abcbefg
pockets stayng hefty b-tch i’m lookin rite
you’s a m-th-fuhkin lefty
everybody met me, everybody know me
homie flow so cold they ice cream cone me
new era, but you can call me lovely
i’m flyer than a goose and yo n-gg- dug duggin me
i only sit in luxury i only sit in luxury they say
i’m too pretty to be spittin this ugly new new new
e-r-a i got a loads of fuhkin money in my b-r-a
i be like b-r-b but i’m never coming back again becuz umm
b-tch i am the bomb like a pacistann


i got these n-gg-s going crazy get your boyfriend
i sent the boy a message said i’ll c u wen i can
he sent me one back and u know i ignore em
cuhz d-ck is only d-ck i only fuhk wen i’m in boredom
tellin them the new p-ssy, era is a beast
i’m tootin my sh-t while he tootin my cheeks
and i know i ain’t truck i’m new fuhkin e
but i had to fuhk it up on this little fresh beat
new e new e tht’s my m-th-f-kin name
i call him dumb dumb cuhz i nvr give him brain
i never give him p-ssy i nvr give him sh-t
i only take his money throw his wallet on the fence
umm money on my mind cuhz money tht’s all i think of
30’s in the function and you know i’m fint to drink up
n-gg-s on our sh-t nig-n-gg-s on my c-cups
they thirsty i think they need some water no heek-ups!


goody 2 shoes in a hoody and some new shoes
not a bad b-tch cus i leave it to the doo doos
big bamboos and my panties got the laces in them
and my wallet got a lot of big faces in them
do u know who the fuhk i am?
i get more green than eggs and ham
yeah i get green ibe staying with the cheedar cheese
and to u u ain’t nuthin but syenthetic weave
wore the same fit that she wore last weekend
dusty -ss boots wtf was you thinking
toot my sh-t get used to it b-tch and if
she can’t i dare you to hit a b-tch
i suck my hubby’s duke and yeah they got a picture of it
and i say fuhk it cuhz the n-gg- and the b-tches love it
and he kno i’m in the cut like man tuck it send his t-mail he can
get his own d-ck sucked!


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