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person l – storms şarkı sözleri

i was getting lost,
yeah, i was getting so lost,
through the storms with rain in my face.

yeah, i was getting love.
yes, i was getting good love,
with the nerve to throw it away…
to throw it way! away…
to throw it away.
throw it away.

yeah, it was raining hard.
it was raining real hard,
through the night and the following days.

oh i was getting high.
yeah, i was gettin real high
by myself but i still felt this pain

and it can take awhile
yeah, this can take a long long while
to take time, to take it away…
to take you away! away…
to take it away…
take it away.

to take it away! away…
to take it away…

now it’s letting up.
i think it’s gonna let up
make blues sky always brighten my days

# person l şarkı sözleri