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phideaux – a curse of miracles şarkı sözleri

in the streets i was drifting though the lanes
everybody looked away, i felt tension and afraid
in the back of my head i feel terribly dead
friday afternoon came a rustling from the room
i was strangely terrified by the things i heard inside
then a voice so strong & loud said: “it could be yours by now”
sat-rday at four i snuck back to the corridor
and slipped into the room, now quiet as a tomb
and there, written on the ground in dust:
“it should be yours by now”
and it’s so strange, cuz in the back of my head
i still feel terribly dead – so just go away
leave me chained to the wall just like you’ve done it before
everyone knows that it’s my regular show
is my deliverance near? i don’t see it – i don’t hear
where’s the trumpets blowing fire and the angel hosted choir?
i keep waiting for the sound cuz it should be here by now
but there’s no change, in the back of my head
the monster wants to be fed – and i can’t get away
cuz when you’ve done it before what’s it matter once more?
everyone knows that it’s your regular show
once upon a time in the blinking of an eye
the oracle was mine like the sage had prophesied
it was whispered through the clouds
said: “it will be yours right now”

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