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rasaq – fly dude i might be freestyle şarkı sözleri

yeah, flyest dude i might be yeah ay
the flyest dude i might be, yeah
ay let me go on brush my shoes off real quick mayn

wheels spin around, i got kill by the pound
if i turn up my sound, then it drown out the town
i’m thoed with the flow, i can clown with the nines
blow green to the ceiling, come down to the ground
is everybody thoed, or is it just me
i’m as fly as the sky, h-ll yeah i must be
keeping g bundles, that’s my mindframe
karats in my chain, if you thinking i’m lame
n-gg- what is my name, rasaq to the mayn
then to the boy, cause you know that’s my saying
skills i’m displaying, but the boy still playing
pull me a yella, high h-ll himalayan
got them pills if you paying, n-gg- i’m just saying
hollad at the wayne, on his cash still weighing
i can shine brighter, when a n-gg- dark skin
pull up all silver, in the back of shark fin
we don’t step out, naw we just park in
spark in the parking lot, hit the bar for the henn
with 50/50 twin, we with fifty thicky friends
i’m talking dime piece, i ain’t talking fifty men
n-gg- i’m flyer, than the feathers on a hen
partna it’s my turn, so i’m finna set the trend
gritty cause i want it, so i’m finna cop a benz
homie stop playing, hollows cave your chest in
better wear your vest in, or you gon learn your lesson
i ain’t even worried, bout these boys plexing
pants in the crease, got the starch pressed in
putting b-ttons on my rims, like i went and dressed them
boy who the thoedest, dumb question
i be stretched in a suite, at the best western
boys plexing, but i’m a fly dude
even when i’m not capping, man i still sound rude
shoes brand new, and my money new too
hit the bar for the rounds, bout ten then we through
playa i should pull, you should try to pull too
cause if i pull two, two for me and none for you
hoes on my jock, till they sticking like glue
hyper light lens, i’ma pull up on blue
i can’t even lie, fool i know i’m so cool
cause when i step out, all the ladies going ooh ooh

hol’ up mayn yeah, we back in effect you know i’m saying
royal green boy, you wanna reach the royal green
call 713-454-4881, and also 832-279-1270 mayn
it’s going down, in a major way boy
the gr-ss greener over here mayn,

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