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realm – pocket size death şarkı sözleri

pocket size death by realm
trigger happy nice boy
runs around with his toy
reaching out to nothing
pocket size death
he has this feeling
when he gets really
mad he has to shoot
pocket size death
his head is filled
with such a thrill
cause he gets revenge with
pocket size death
black stone harmony will restore
all that he’s been looking for
trigger happy youth wears a n-gg-r proof vest
trigger happy youth has pocket size death
gotta gun, gotta gun
gonna go have some fun
revenge joy, revenge joy
see those little f-ckers run
gotta friend now that will
never turn his back
sticks up for me
if i can’t kick your -ss
you better run, better run
gonna have me some fun
blood stained sidewalk
hey you f-cker better run
me and my little friend
we’re gonna take over the world
me and my little friend
were gonna get a girl
me and my little friend
we’re gonna give it a whirl
me and my little friend
staring the apocalypse of the world

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