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say anything – jiminy şarkı sözleri

get lost in the dead of the night where once i lived on grand street.
deaf from chucks on bones crushed white.
new brooklyn bows before me.
soak it all in and let it run deep.
glory in delusion.
i can picture us.
waltz in the ruins of this wilted gray contusion.
sometimes, when she’s far and i’m drunk, i clutch her like a comp-ss.
never thought of being anything but quixotic and self-conscious.
some ache to guide your hand, to pull out of the socket.
i’m the cricket that lets you burn while i smolder in your pocket.
you’re in my fat.
i store you there to keep me warm in frigid air.
i need my smack.
you’re in my veins.
free the jew they kept in chains.
i’m suffused with all you are.
i’ll always be a b-st-rd star.
you’re in my heart.
could it be in our w-nk of shame that we’re clutching the same member?
don’t you ever pretend to smile and find you’ve actually done it?
now you’re informed; we kinda run it and that’s just fine.
plummet beak-first into acid washed ent-tlement.
you might just find a socialist feeding off the fumes of an aging pop-punk vocalist.
so destroy our first lp if you know what’s good for me.

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