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short – unchained şarkı sözleri

[verse 1]

what do you see when you look at me ?
a white boy with no bars until you hear me speak
i got that old school flavor with a modern technique
fresh with my style but i’ve always been a geek
and now i’m writing on a daily in hopes to make it out this sh-t hole
where i been stuck for a minute but i still see the picture as a whole
i’m short but my reach is too tall so you better step back
and don’t bring that wack sh-t to the table
it’s scary how practice can make you kill beats like you’re evil
picky like a stoner with a bad blunt now re roll
see hoe?
flows really smooth like i’m picking up another b-tch
all i can really say is f-ck a relation sh-t
ain’t got time for all that
i’m looking for the green paper
going up the ranking like i’m chilling in an elevator
[hook] x2

sh-t changed it ain’t the same
but now i’m fully unchained
claim all you want
but i will always be unclaimed
now get back for some real sh-t
for some real sh-t

[verse 2]

now i’m kicking it alone n-body around
pick up my pen play around with my sound
feeling almighty man i’m living on a cloud
watch where you stepping cause i split the ground
step up to the highest
like it’s your time to retire
i be putting out that fire
your sh-t is flatter than my tire
baddest of the bad
homie just check out my attire
i’m a multiplier that’s the truth
coming at you with the realer sh-t straight from the booth
sending out a message
hoping that will reach the youth
move back as i climb up to the top
not a fan of heights
so i pray that i won’t drop
breaks never been there
guess ill never stop
stay where i am
i will never go pop
haters wanna see me fall
i will never flop
this that real hip hop

[hook] x2

[verse 3]
ride with my brother’s
die for my brother’s
i’ll rise with my brother’s x4
i’m elevating
looking down i’m too high
i am levitating
rap astral projecting me like i’m meditating
always on some real sh-t
i am never faking
that’s why i bring it back
remember when i was wack
but i did it my way
my plug is gone
no more loud at home
just the sprite in my cup
i’m out the dome

[hook] x2

# short şarkı sözleri