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sun city girls – a bad dream şarkı sözleri

this is a bad dream
one day when the corn was soft in the ear
and the oak leaves rattled like the poplar at sunrise
we all awoke at 4:00 am
and, with maw framed in the kitchen door cookin’ breakfast like she had done for so many years before
and ol’ paw, yawning like an ol’ grizzly bear
he told us all to hurry up and eat breakfast
for there was plenty of hard work to do out on the farm
and work we did, until sundown
and then i awoke from this bad dream

and when i awoke
i knew that i had to tell you fellas something from the bottom of my heart
something that i’ve wanted to tell you for so many years:
anybody f-cks with your uncle jim
they f-ck with me, got me?

# sun city girls şarkı sözleri