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sushrut sebrial – the love story şarkı sözleri

my life you’ve totally smear,
you con you don’t love me,
but entire week i saw you writing a letter for me,
why so much scared to,
confess that you love me like crazy,
you don’t know,
what i’m facing (x1),

i want you right now,
where are you takin’ me,
i’m in love with you,
can’t you see,

i’m lost in this,
love story,
i’m stuck in this maze,
of love story,
you’re my current craze,
love story,
here, you’re gonna get me,
cause i could clearly see,
i’m crazy in this,
love story,

you step a step ahead,
come to me to confess,
you slowly nodded your head,
when i said are you in love me restless,
you bent on your knees,
and shouted you can’t without me,
you made believe me in your love.

i’m gone on this is on.
love story…

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