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the 2 of diamonds – heat şarkı sözleri

i don’t give a f-ck ’cause i’ll be say he is on
as long as the beat is on
you’re… like rare next
do the wife what the beat is on
no… she decent on
she got a job and a decent home
and i heard about pushing gas
and let he money on the visa…
get the money on the ford type
and i’m own it what you’re thinking for
and i… type flame can’t type of…
and i… finger on ’cause i… really know
if i write what i sing alone
and strike and relying twice
yeah nice with this writing you mice
… how you get it, it must be luck
just sit back and shut you f-ck up
shut the f-ck up

i don’t give a f-ck right now
ini minnie money… marry on
i’ll be chose the berry of vocabulary scary
… and multi carry the baddest hoes in america
want to pole in this… an impeccable character
you wonder why you stare with you
and if i was the smoking i would pull the air in you
but you can get us high…
fly as guy in the sky as buy but i advise you
right as to get a right you
liars you might… when you get it…
put me in and call me up

you’ll be in and i’ll be up
nasty baby and shut you…
ah ah who told you was…
kiss that up for the upset
me and mighty go forever
want em f-ck up next
word to my n-gg- script
… by my n-gg- tune
got a hoe… waiting outsid e
get the f-ck you really…
i got a star and… if you talk about my sh-t
as… my sh-t boy
yeah hey ah hey bug it
let it know i don’t give a f-ck right now
you obviously hit it keep watch you can beat it shown
these n-gg-s we die but they act like they don’t see it goon
… my mind to another… how many drinks i’ve been head it
i just can’t stop god d-mn it
f-cked up and yeah believeit
you better be… just talkin that sh-t m…
my n-gg-s let see it… might get in the car put me in
i advice you…
man i don’t’ give a f-ck right now
… just watch it the way she sit it… you got that sh-t you ain’t never seen
it was light in the night… they need to…
put me in ’cause my jam is my cup
… got to know
but the n-gg- wanna front stop you… emerge like this
amek your favorite girl like this…

# the 2 of diamonds şarkı sözleri