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tru – hubris şarkı sözleri

i ain’t heard what you said
(come again)
100 shots to yo head
(100 bands)
run it up for my team
(come again)
you ain’t rollin wit me
(nah, i’m not your friend)

[verse – tru]
this be that whip in that civic on lankershim
blessing they souls like they handkerchiefs
oh ma god i just exposed all the fake again
changing up [?]
see that sh-t, don’t pretend
don’t belittled by all of the fear of these n-gg-s
they ain’t pullin triggers
they scarin’ you wit’em
talk in yo face, words they feelin like mace by the way tru be spittin’
just focus on flippin’ and focus the vision
flow so potent when it’s h-ttin’
kholster holster in the kitchen
wicked wrist or which is whippin’
don’t you see that time is tickin’
don’t you feel it ain’t existing
holy water through the drout
demons clogged up all the systems

watchin my reeeiiign
feelin’ like blitzin’ but, i’m blazin’
don’t be mistaken by lyrical mischief
i’m amazin’
word plaayyyyy
double enten-don in the flesh
soon the best but, until
i’m the closest one yet

came near, came again
game year, 100 bands
same year, 100 friends
same year, couple them
runnin’ through’em, runnin’ through’em
run’em off, how you feel?
never trip, it’s game year
another ball, another steal

when i’m on the court, i feel like the maaan
i really do this sh-t, i really do this sh-t
i ain’t really into sports, i ball cause i caaaan
talkin’ bout hubris, hurbis

hubris, hubris
hubris, hubris
hubris, hubris
hubris, hubris

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