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vanilla swingers – the hive şarkı sözleri

you can see the future
just stop and look around yer
oh, this impossible world was never meant to be
and maybe we get what we deserve

i’ve seen the evidence
packaged experience, things i want but know i’ll never
no way, no way

the fame economy
doll ch-r-ography the culture of complaint won’t seek
to understand
the daisies in the sun mutate but still stay beautiful

always looking forward to a time when you’ll look back
on this and smile
no way, no way
city comedown
same as our town

with this ring i see through every ocean rising,
advertising they won’t stop until it’s all in bits upon
the ground
screensave faces, chinese walls divide
monitors flicker but i only saw the light behind your
we’re part of a problem with no solution

everywhere you go, everything so cheap
someone’s gonna pay
from the daily rail to the nme, sing the same old song
“they build you up they knock you down. fifteen minutes
counting down. changes like the weather. you built me
up you won’t knock me down – i’m keeping both feet on
the ground. and it’s getting better!”

too much time’s gone past
it’s winter, summer, spring
short sleeves in march
wake up, forage, eat, sleep and make it better
a little better
always better
and then some more

solemnly we p-ss away the peace before the war that
always comes
what if i could take you back to yesterday again
away from kajadoodoo clerks and crazy frogs and
optimists making poverty history
and was there anything else?

back in 1980s
first thing you see
where are all the dandies
and you shouldn’t trust your memory
so b-n-l and real and like it never went away
banned from the bookies – “hey, mister, we got lucky!”
“two for the smiths, please. and a can of quatro.”
starring in a film no-one will ever see
but you can see the future

# vanilla swingers şarkı sözleri