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white punk & famous addonis – the greatest şarkı sözleri

[hook] (x4)
i’m the greatest
and i mean it (x5)

[verse 1]
f-ck, i swear i’m on now
i got every f-ckin’ hater on my cone now
middle finger up to the world now
stack on stack on stack on stack
i need a new ride now right now
motherf-ckers really swear to god that they own me now (x3)

[verse 2]
boy i broke out, way out
try to blacklist when i black out
i’ma crack this wide open
everybody wishin’ and sayin’
that im coming through and start swingin’
cause they been f-ckin’ up since the day they started
i come through show my face and they forfeit
if you know me then you don’t want me to lose it
it’s not a game when i pull up and smash his f-ckin’ face in
everyf-ckin’ day i deal with the stress
by cuting circulation to they f-ckin’ neck

[hook] (x4)
i’m the greatest
and i mean it (x5)

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