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xcep – tell ya şarkı sözleri

let me tell ya
heard you don’t know
let me tell ya

pleased to know you
please let me show you
the things i can do
so won’t you please let me tell you
let me tell you, baby
f-ck a fake n-gg- trynna’ tell you, baby
it’s real! i don’t need to tell you, baby
don’t you buy what they trynna’ sell you, baby

girl let me tell ya how i do this sh-t
tell you how i do this
tell ya how i do this sh-t
lemme tell ya how i do this sh-t

ima’ tell ya one time
can’t sleep on this f-cking grind
k!llin’ n-gg-s all the f-cking time
mothaf-ckas gotta know it’s mine
got my n-gg-s on the line with this sh-t
n-gg-s on the other side be snitchin’
yeah, we got our mind on this sh-t
give a f-ck about you b-tches

lemme tell ya.. what it do
got the people asking “how they do that?”
get high, n-gg- yeah we do
f-ck all that fake sh-t that we do not
i’m about it dude
’bout it in the music and the money too
ima’ get it all when the time is due
working all my life for it to be true

lemme tell ya
tell ya how we do this sh-t, n-gg-
lemme tell ya
tell ya how we do it, n-gg-
lemme tell ya, tell ya
we’re about to tell you…

f-ck, a n-gg- gone
but that’s the only way that i can get you on
baby, lemme bless your phone
don’t you tell n-body baby come alone

i don’t give a f-ck about ’em
their b-tches crazy about us
all their men think they covered
man we saw that thoty bra-less
lemme tell ya
i ain’t got friends man i got brothers
lemme tell ya
no there can never be too many of us

sh7al men nhar kh-ssni nb9a ngoulihoum
i’m the one, ou houma 3arfini
baby, nssay dak sda3, manhtajch ga3 nbeyen lik
ga3 la’cheftihoum b’nhar
ghadi trej3i li b’lil
khelini ngoulik…

# xcep şarkı sözleri