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xenia – postcards from eden şarkı sözleri

sometimes it’s just the little things
that keep this heart beating
to pick up all the pieces
and patch up where i’m bleeding
i see it come in flashes
and pretty glimmers, fleeting
the way you keep on sending
postcards from eden

i think of all the left turns
that somehow turned the right way
the kindness of a stranger
that resurrects a bad day

how easily this slipped me
these moments and the meaning
but i can see your name on
these postcards from eden

and everywhere i look, i see your hand
it writes a perfect story
over all my precious plans
a glimpse of something big when i feel small
and taste of how it was before the fall

the whispering of the autumn wind
the tumbling of the colors
the orchestrated accidents
it’s a beauty undiscovered

it hits me like a love song
my heart can’t help believe in
you’re the one who’s always sending
these postcards from eden
postcards from eden

# xenia şarkı sözleri