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yung davi – i want to die şarkı sözleri

[verse 1]
roxy’s, oxy’s, lean with codeine
buy em from the candyman
suck on em, can be lethal
not like drinking xanax with valium
sleep forever, wake up never
dead for time, heart failure
heart attack, all these drugs still ain’t
k!lling me

[verse 2]
f-ck the world, go rot in h-ll
from my perception, you ain’t satan
leave me to die, home alone
you don’t weigh in on my life
i’ll gut you with a f-cking knife if you get any closer
i’ll roast you on a spit, feed you to the cannibal pits
i’ll watch and m-st-rb-t- while snorting rits

[verse 3]
day by day, i want to say
how much i really run away
leave this earth, fall astray
drinking until my day is here
when death will drag me to h-ll
approach the gates, there he plan
i just ran and ran, 666 cut to my hand

was this just a f-cking dream
then why is death pointing
maybe, he can set me free
to die in h-ll with the rest of the world

[verse 4]
man sick and tired of
all the bullsh-t
all the bool sh-t
all young people partying up
i ain’t down to go, grind on a sl-t
running, jumping onto this sh-t
i go to drown myself in the fat mosh pit
surfing the crowd, looking all proud
beats drops all h-ll breaks loose
all i want is to hang from my noose

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